Good news for those who plan in the weeks or even months to come to subscribe a mortgage credit: the current revival of competition between banks has the effect of lowering rates and rates! The moment would be ideal to take the plunge..

We keep repeating: Mortgage credit rates are currently grazing and for several years now the floor, and to the delight of candidates for credit!

Low rates that offset the significant rise in real estate costs. The various rates charged could nevertheless be set to fall even further as a result of the interbank war that is currently raging. Explanations.

The race to low rates

The race to low rates

“The big banks have launched in recent months an offensive on mortgage credit, which negatively influences our market share. We therefore offer cheaper rates. “

A situation that, although it benefits consumers. For the banking group, “it is not healthy to see big banks want to gain market share while profitability is increasingly under pressure. “And to complement that such actions have repercussions for weigh heavily on margins.

Belfius justifies offering competitive rates because of the importance of the mortgage market for them, while the other big names in the sector have preferred not to expand on the subject.

To remain vigilant

To remain vigilant

Still, it is currently possible to subscribe fixed rate mortgages for a period not exceeding 20 years at a rate of only 1.5%!

But be careful: the rates must not be the only criterion influencing your choice! Fire insurance (if underwritten at the same time as the mortgage loan) and the outstanding balance insurance must also weigh in the balance.

Attention, therefore, not to be seduced and influence by a simple rate.

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