Fast payment; Very long term possible; Free unscheduled repayments possible. This is especially true as you are looking for a relatively long-term perspective. The transfer of the loan amount to the specified account will take place immediately after the approval of the loan. I needed the money very urgently and just could not stand it so long. Unfortunately, I decided to go to the bank and wait a week for the transfer of the credit.

Bank Credit

A bank loan, what is a bank loan? Since 2018, Bank has been a business division of Deutsche Post and, since 2018, a branch of Private avefur. The Bank has focused on the financing of private real estate and also offers the granting of private loans. The special thing about Bank is that it cooperates with independent financial service providers and leaves them with individual support, customer service and the distribution of their own offers; Customers do not have direct contact with the bank.

The bank loan program can also be completed on-line, at least one installment loan. For the construction loans, the Bank offers various service tools on its Internet portal, including a mortgage lender, a rental calculator, a prepayment calculator and a modernization cost planner. Under what conditions can a bank loan be offered?

The following basic conditions are defined for a bank loan: Loan sums between EUR 2,000 and EUR 1,000,000 are recoverable. Depending on the due date, a partial redemption of up to fifty percentage points of the outstanding loan amount can be made. In addition, upon request, a credit insurance for any contingencies such. As unemployment or deaths and subsequent warranty for the repayment of the loan are closed.

Granting of the bank loan

The granting of the bank loan is independent of the creditworthiness, so that one’s own creditworthiness will not influence the interest rate level. The interest rate is not only dependent on the general interest rate level of the bank, but also on the loan amount and the repayment term. The purpose may also affect the interest rate on the bank loan.

There are individual conditions for bank loans in the area of ​​mortgage lending. What can a bank loan be used for? When using the bank loan for a cash payment, it is possible that the borrower receives a discount. To what extent do I apply for a bank loan? Although home savings financing in Bank is a multi-faceted topic that is handled exclusively by financial advisers, it may be easier to apply for a relatively smaller installment loan volume when doing so on the internet.

First, the monthly rate for the bank loan is determined using a loan calculator. If the correct bank loan has been provided, the application can be submitted directly on the Internet. The applicant must also agree that the bank can receive credit bureau information. In addition, the applicant agrees for the Bank loan agreement that the information can be forwarded to a credit institution and processed by him further.

After completing the application for the bank loan, the form must be printed out and signed. Subsequently, the documents for the bank loan are sent by post to the bank. How long does it take to complete the bank loan? For bank loans we promise a quick settlement.

A letter of confirmation can be sent to the applicant within a few days of receipt of the application and after verification by post. At the same time, a distribution of the desired loan amount to the applicant’s account will be initiated. What are the requirements for a bank loan? A bank loan is subject to a number of conditions required to obtain a bank loan.

Condition is The minimum age of the borrower must be 18 years. The borrower must have a permanent German residence and a German bank account available. The borrower must be in a permanent employment relationship (“exception: the period expires only after the end of the loan period”). The income of the borrower must be sufficiently high in relation to the amount of the loan sought.

Therefore, before granting a bank loan, a detailed check is made on the repayment ability of the loan. Here, the better the creditworthiness, the sooner a bank loan is granted. If the applicant not only fulfills one of the conditions, he will be rejected. A bank financing despite Sparkasse is therefore not promised.

IMPORTANT: One way to get a loan despite a scam initiative is when two people use a bank loan. If at least one subject proves to be in good standing and has no access, a bank loan may be granted despite the subject’s test. A guarantor of a bank loan can, under certain conditions, also be considered despite existing possibilities of arbitration.

The prerequisite for this is that the guarantor can fulfill all conditions associated with a bank loan. Can a self-employed person get a bank loan? In principle, the Bank does not reject Bank for a bank loan application, but other minimum rates apply that would have to remain available to the borrower for the current budget costs after deduction of the loan amount.

For the self-employed, stricter selection criteria are used to apply for a bank loan. Can a bank loan be increased? In principle, there is the possibility of additional financing with a bank loan. If you need more funding, you can increase your existing bank loan. The bank examines the financing application in accordance with the requirements and the creditworthiness and approves or rejects the supplementary financing.

Is it possible to suspend payments for bank loans? Especially in the case of a long-term credit line with a higher credit rating, over time it can happen that the living conditions change and the borrower is unable, for example due to financial shortages, to pay the installment for a certain period of time.

The Bank is in principle open to individual adaptations and is committed to developing a mutually beneficial overall solution for special circumstances. As a result, the monthly load is significantly reduced, since only the interest on the bank loan is payable. On the other hand, there is also the option of free special repayment in the bank, if a larger amount of money is at once at the disposal.

In addition, the bank loan can be fully repaid, but in this case, the borrower would have to pay a early repayment fee. How can I contact the bank? The bank loans are often claimed and assigned by a financial advisor, so that this is also the competent contact point for credit issues.

However, the possibilities of contacting Bank are also limited for customers who have submitted a bank loan application. There is therefore no telephone facility to contact the bank. If you still look at the contact, you can do so by contacting us online as a regular customer both for the construction financing and for the bank credit through the online contact form.

What do the customers and customers have to do with a bank loan? Anyone considering taking out a bank loan will be able to inquire in advance about the company’s reputation and the experience of other customers with a bank loan. In addition to the one-to-one talks, those interested will also learn what to look out for with a bank loan and where precautions must be taken under certain circumstances.

However, the experience of customers and customers with a bank loan usually reflects a positive mood. In addition, test reports from neutral rating agencies and testing institutes can be a good indicator of whether it makes sense to take out a bank loan.