The financial conversion of an interim loan is always worthwhile. Only a few consumer loans for travel or technology. Avoid expensive loans with our help and save a lot of money! What’s the trickiest major well removal is that class places are expensive puzzles for loan re-shuffling. Redesign loans and save a lot of money.

The Red Card for expensive loans! Save immediately!

The Red Card for expensive loans! Save immediately!

Get rid of expensive loans with our support and save a lot of time! More than 100,000 customers have already shown the red cards of the AFB for expensive loans. With our support, they replaced expensive construction, overdraft or installment loan financing, thereby regaining their economic independence. You can rely on the more than 40-year expertise of our specialists and, with the support of the AFB, you can create favorable conditions for the realization of your ideas.

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Rescheduling loans – Replace expensive loans & spare!

In the case of indebtedness and several loans, it is advisable to check at regular intervals whether you can lower the lending rate and thus save costs by taking out a debt rescheduling loan. In most cases, there is no difficulty in rescheduling a loan, but you should still clarify with your current lenders whether it is possible to reschedule your loans or replace them early with a debt rescheduling loan.

In order not to have to pay too much for loans, it is advisable to check the amount of individual loans, because especially with older financings, the savings potential is great, as the interest rates on loans continue to give way. Loans that have been closed for some time with high interest rates or long-term loans should be reviewed for rescheduling.

If you want to reschedule lending now, you’re in luck because lending rates are at a historically low level so loans are already available for extremely low interest rates. When you reschedule a loan, you can not only save costs, but also facilitate the overview of all payment obligations, because with a rescheduling loan, all mont. Rates are to be summarized.

This allows you to optimally reorganize and save your financial position. But before you can reschedule loans, you should consider a few points, such as the remaining loan term, because the longer it is, the higher the savings potential. In addition, the total amount of credit that should be replaced by a debt rescheduling loan should also be determined, but it is best to have a detailed overview of each principal bank in which you have a loan. the total credit charge.

Debt rescheduling can save a lot of work, but only if the debt restructuring costs are lower than the savings from a debt rescheduling loan. When repaying a loan early, credit institutions often require a prepayment penalty; The amount of this fee per loan also determines how valuable debt debt restructuring is, because debt debt reduction does not always have to lead to savings.

If prepayment penalties are too high, a debt repayment loan makes no sense if it does not bring any significant savings. A personal takeover bid is necessary to know what conditions apply to a debt rescheduling loan, as the level of interest will be adjusted to the creditworthiness of the borrower.