They go to the mailbox without fear, just as you go to the mailbox every day, and find a letter you did not expect. A letter that only hints at bad things and makes you feel really strange in the stomach.

You open the ominous envelope and unfortunately have to realize: a subsequent payment of several hundred euros is due!

Fast and easy application for emergency loans

Many people are aware of this stupid situation, in which one unexpectedly faces a huge problem.

A problem that can only be solved with a quick financial injection and where an immediate loan payment would be just fine.

For that reason, it should hardly be surprising that many people look for an emergency loan (alternatively also instant loan or lightning loan) every day – because a back payment has to be made, the house or apartment needs to be renovated, or the car, the washing machine or similar needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. But is there any such thing: an emergency loan with – preferably within 24 hours? The answer is yes.

Urgent loan with immediate payment & Intrasavings

Urgent loan with immediate payment & Intrasavings

There is the possibility to apply for instant payment and instant bank transfer loans, especially through private lenders. Depending on which conditions the borrower has agreed with the private lender, the loan can be approved within a few hours and paid out within one day – that is, immediately.

For loans and loans, however, borrowers should pay attention to the fine print and look at the terms in detail. How much interest is due?

In what installments does the loan have to be repaid? How long is the term? And what are the administration fees? Even credit comparisons should be made here, so as not to get away from the rain.

Express credit without proof of income

Express credit without proof of income

Of course, it is also possible to obtain an urgent loan without proof of income via the “private credit” route.

So if you have no proof of a payslip or just does not have a salary statement, can also try here to get your preferred loan – at interest and conditions that are quite acceptable.

Express credit despite negative credit bureau

The same applies to express loans despite negative credit bureau. The chances, even as an unemployed person or Hartz 4 recipients to receive an “Eikredit without credit bureau”, are often better than you think. A private lender often examines in greater detail all the circumstances and preconditions for the payment of a loan than a conventional bank would do.

Express credit from Switzerland or from abroad

Express credit from Switzerland or from abroad

Of course, you can also get an urgent loan from Switzerland or from abroad. Because even in Switzerland or abroad, there are private lenders and investors who can grant people in financial distress a personal loan. But also for emergency loans from abroad applies: please pay attention to the fine print and read all conditions carefully!

Since the need for urgent loans is very high, MarketCred offers each loan seeker a platform on which to place an ad and find private lenders online. In this way, unemployed, Hartz 4 recipients, self-employed, freelancers, retirees, … have a real chance of an emergency loan as a very welcome financial aid.